Italians vaccinated in Great Britain are excluded from the green corridor -
From Luigi Ippolito

Our country does not recognize the validity of immunization carried out by the British health system. Our citizens living in the UK are in trouble

from our reporter
LONDON – From 6 August, the . program will be launched green passAnd But hundreds of thousands of Italians risk being excluded: They are residents of Great Britain who manufactured the vaccine abroad. Because Italy, an almost unique case in Europe, still does not recognize the validity of the vaccinations offered by the British health system.

Hard issue to explain, because they’re fine 19 countries in the European Union Which already gives a complete equivalency for British vaccines: among them are Germany, France, Spain and Greece. In those places, for those who come from London, Only show evidence of vaccinations And all in order.

Instead, Italians arriving from London find themselves in trouble: there are thousands of them in August They return to Italy for their holidays Or visit family members. Ironically, they don’t risk not being able to go to the movies with friends or eat pizza (indoors) with relatives.

The exclusion of Great Britain can be understood if they used vaccines not recognized by the European Union: But in London, the same doses of AstraZeneca or Pfizer used in Italy are given. So the asymmetry was not explained.

It is an issue of great magnitude, because it is located in Great Britain Largest Italian community abroad: who benefited from the special success of the British vaccination campaign. In and around London, there are practically no scammers or hesitant politicians: Membership level was phenomenal And the alarming news about the potential risks of vaccines has been ignored. so too The Italians in Great Britain were able to vaccinate before many other Europeans: To prove it, you can download the NHS app, which updates your status, or send home a paper certificate. But all this, for the Italian authorities, is not enough at the moment.

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