Gaza: A leaflet released by the Israeli army to residents shows: “Wake up”

The Middle East is boiling. Today, the Israel Defense Forces launched air strikes on several Shiite Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon, in response to ongoing attacks against northern Israel. This was reported by the IDF on the X website, where it published the photos. In particular, Hezbollah's command center, where militiamen were gathered, was destroyed, as well as the nearby rocket launch site used in the recent attack, in the village of Yaroun. In addition, two Hezbollah observation centers in Marwahin and Aita al-Shaab were destroyed. This morning, Hezbollah fired rockets towards the Bar'im and Zarit areas in northern Israel, and they landed in open areas without causing any casualties. but this is not all. Because the Tel Aviv army also tried to “dialogue” with the residents of the Gaza Strip to open their eyes to the truth about the facts and atrocities committed by Hamas.

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“Reality”: This is the title of the multi-page leaflet dropped by the Israeli army in the central part of Gaza. The leaflet asked residents to “wake up,” adding that the Islamist political and paramilitary organization was “killing your children,” Kan TV reported. According to what has become known, the edition also includes articles about the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, and about increasing humanitarian aid. It read: “They burned people’s money in tunnels and weapons.” The post will also include: “They destroyed everything good. They beat you, torture you, and leave your families on the streets while they hide us in the tunnels. Do not be silent, the future is in your hands.”

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