Amazon Studios is said to be trying to make a Mass Effect TV show

According to a report by final dateAmazon does not rely on the version just released wheel of time The series and upcoming Lord of the Rings show to attract sci-fi/fantasy viewers. The entertainment news agency reports that Amazon is “close to a deal to develop a series” based on mass effect games.

While Electronic Arts and BioWare haven’t announced a series, there have been more than a few hints. Earlier this year, the project manager for EA’s remastered Mass Effect: Legendary Edition threesome Tell interested in trade It is “not a question of if, but when” a movie or television project related to the game appears.

There was also that Interesting Instagram post In February from Henry Cavill, who may wish to add Commander Shepherd to his geeky autobiography along with Superman and Geralt from the magician. The actor posted an easy-to-understand image that hints at a “secret project?” Discover It was actually a hard copy of the Wikipedia entry for 3 . mass effect.

Any other details like how this might relate to a new game in the series, are unclear, even if some people – Like this fantasy wiki editor – The fan has already been poured into their heads. Well, there is one safe guess I can make – it probably won’t depend on it Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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