Discord crashes and messages are no longer downloaded

The spat is affected by a notable outage on 8 March. The program encounters errors. On the user side, messages are not loaded normally.

Having trouble with Discord? No wonder: the gamers’ favorite app and gamers suffer a noticeable crash on Tuesday, March 8th. According to our results, messages are not displayed correctly when the app is launched. A message in a red banner warns: “ Failed to load messages ».

The difference is already aware, as evidenced by Message posted early in the evening As per the official Discord Twitter account: We are aware of an issue causing Messages to fail and are working to fix it. We apologize for the interruption and thank you for your patience! ».

The spat was better on Tuesday nights. // Source: screenshot

The link provided in the message through Discord redirects to the dashboard Which lets you know the working status of the voice chat app – which also provides tools for file sharing and instant messaging, among other things. Several updates for an hour Provide information on technical investigations current.

« The root cause has been identified and corrective action taken to restore service It was written on the follow-up card. There was also a problem with the streaming service. It restarted, which might cause some broadcasts to be interrupted, but the service has to be restarted again. Another problem that still needs to be resolved.

Tens of thousands of reports

On the French branch of bottom detectora site that allows Internet users to collect their feedback if they notice a problem accessing a service (which makes it possible to determine if there is a general rather than a local problem, on the part of the visitor, for example in his box), we observe a peak that continues to progress, with more than 12200 reports.

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Reports anywhere else in the world It confirms a major crash, with more than 56,000 reports across the Atlantic. The first reports arrived shortly before 7 pm Paris time. There is currently no indication of a return to normal service. In the meantime, Discord makes a recommendation: Get some fresh air.

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