“Removing Anne Frank’s name from kindergarten is difficult to explain to children.”  In Germany there was a revolution against the school administration

The name Anne Frank – a symbol of the Holocaust known around the world – is “very difficult to explain to children”, parents with immigrant backgrounds “don’t know what to think of the name” and another title that would bring “more openness to the world”. These are some of the reasons that led to heading to kindergarten […]

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The name of the Anne Frank – Code holocaust Known all over the world – it’s “It’s very difficult to explain For children,” parents with immigrant backgrounds “don’t know what to think about the name” and another title that would bring “more openness to the world.” These are some of the reasons that led to heading to kindergarten. Tangerhoutvillage Saxony-AnhaltIn Germany, it is proposed to change the name of a kindergarten. Since the 1970s, the institute has been named after the little girl who was born there FrankfurtHe was a refugee in Amsterdam, then deported and killed Bergen-Belsen lager [1945:HismemoirsareoneofthemostdramaticknownaccountsoftheexterminationofJewsbytheNazisButaboutfiftyyearslater-astoldbyothersFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – The Parents and Staff Council asked to find more “name”.Kid friendly“Among the alternative options there is, for example, the option”World explorers“. The truth caused many controversies and Unanimously rejected by Municipal. Naturally, the historical period in which this issue became known carries heavy weight, with rising episodes of anti-Semitism recorded in recent days. Indeed, the mayor confirms Andreas Brom (Independent), Removing Anne Frank’s name was discussed before the conflict escalated The Middle EastSo before attacking agitation Before the siege and invasion Israel In the Gaza strip.

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However, the name change proposal has been criticized both locally and nationally. “If you are willing to ignore your history with such indifference – wrote the Vice-Chairman of the International Auschwitz Commission Christoph Huebner In an open letter – especially in these times of new anti-Semitism and right-wing extremism, if the name Anne Frank is not appropriate in the public space, one can only try Fear and anxiety For the culture of memory in our country.”

The city council of the small village in Saxony has now rejected the name change proposal, announcing the vote on Wednesday. In a joint statement signed by all Council groups, it was stressed, among other things, that the statement stating that the name Anne Frank is inappropriate and difficult to transmit to children “is further evidence of Forgetting history By those responsible for the temple. This forgetting of history is “muck for them Conspiracy theories And theHostility to democracyIncluding anti-Semitism. The culture of memory has meaning, because we must explain to our children and future generations what it means to live in peace and freedom. History teaches us that this cannot be taken for granted and that these values ​​must be defended,” said the head of the city council Werner Jacob The Christian Democrat for the Christian Democratic Union said that the request to rename the nursery came from the nursery administration. “The nursery management is new and wanted to implement a new educational concept. They wanted to document this new concept with a new name,” explained Jacob, who spoke of “political naivete” and “lack of sense of history.”

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