On social media, a woman’s recent experience with a pack of toilet paper that she bought at a local supermarket has sparked a lot of discussion.

Toilet paper (Image via Canva) – ecoo.it

Toilet paper was one of them Most popular products during the epidemic period. The videos and photos that went viral on the Internet multiplied the insane spending of those who involuntarily found themselves shopping. But it cannot be denied that toilet paper is in any case a product, not just an accessory.

Because in fact it is An invention that changed the relationship with the bathroom and made it safer. But, and the story told by the protagonist herself proves it, sometimes toilet paper can be hiding Very unpleasant surprises. Even if what makes the network angry is not what the woman found when she opened the toilet paper package like Manager’s reaction from the store when he informed them of his shocking discovery.

A package of toilet paper with a surprise

After reading what Jenny Conroy found inside a box of toilet paper I bought regularly supermarket From the Saintsbury series, perhaps the next time you also open the new roll pack, you will find yourself looking more carefully if there is something on paper or inside it.

Toilet paper (Image via Canva) – ecoo.it

As the same woman told her on the big social media platform, everything seemed normal when she brought home her bag toilet paper It was bought in a store in south London, in the Charlton area. The discovery only came when the woman opened the plastic to dispense rolls of toilet paper. On the white paper already noted A series of strange little holes and rips. And it might have looked like a manufacturing error in the paper if it weren’t for those tiny holes in the paper that suddenly started showing up Bring out the small insects.

Populated toilet paper and a €15 voucher

Butterfly (Image via Canva) – ecoo.it

Paper, which is produced from the pulp of trees, is a material widely used by man, but often used Favorite food A wide variety of insects that usually feed on wood. It’s possible that the toilet paper package Jenny bought had been contaminated with a number of tiny mites that had multiplied, protected by plastic. The woman, reasonably disturbed by this unwanted presence, has I called the supermarket But no one in the store seemed to care. Customer service simply advised her to put the pictures on social media and offered a £10 voucher. Only after I posted the pictures and finally it came too Note from the representatives Saintsbury’s who have confirmed they are conducting an investigation regarding their toilet paper supplier.

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