It is the first case in the world

Doctors said a baby girl in India was born with eight fetuses in her womb. The little girl was born on October 10 in a private hospital in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand state, India. However, once they got home, the parents realized that the newborn had abnormal stomach swelling, so they decided to send her back to the hospital. My mom and dad worried that the little girl might have a tumor.

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He was born with eight fetuses in his stomach, this discovery

Doctors took the girl to the Rani Children’s Hospital and Research Center in Ranchi, after conducting a CT scan that confirmed a suspected tumour.

But this was not the case, in fact the baby had a Fetus in a Fetus (FIF). It is a rare condition in which one or more deformed vertebrate embryos are enclosed in a sibling’s body. Up to eight underdeveloped fetuses were found in the girl’s stomach. It is believed to be the highest number found in newborns.

the operation

Dr. Muhammad Omran confirmed that the operation was completed successfully in about an hour and a half. The girl is currently recovering and is said to be doing well.

Such conditions are extremely rare and occur in less than one in every million births. Only 200 cases of the extremely rare defect have been recorded, according to the Daily Mail. According to the local media, the previous cases saw the removal of only two or three fetuses from the newborn, and eight fetuses were not removed at all. The fetus in fetus This is caused by incomplete separation of the twins, which fails to develop and instead becomes an internal part of the healthy twin.

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