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(ANSA) – Baabdat, October 30 – Lebanese President Michel Aoun left the Presidential Palace, on the eve of the end of his term on October 31, without appointing a successor, which exacerbated the political impasse in the country. complete economic collapse. Before his departure, the President of the Republic signed a decree challenging the right of the resigned Prime Minister to lead the country, which further paralyzed institutions.

Michel Aoun’s six-year term ends at midnight on Monday, without MPs being able to elect his successor due to their political divisions. Last month, the House of Representatives met four times without success to elect a president: Neither Shiite Hezbollah, the powerful armed movement that dominates political life in Lebanon, nor its opponents, have a clear majority to force a candidate.

This morning, Michel Aoun was cheered by thousands of supporters who gathered on the outskirts of Baabdat Palace, east of Beirut, and escorted him to his private home in one of the capital’s upscale suburbs. “I signed this morning the decree that considers the government to have resigned,” the president announced in a speech before his followers, waving his picture and the flags of the Free Patriotic Movement, which is its founder. (Dealing).

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