Masks have not been mandatory at airports and on flights in the EU since Monday

L ‘European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announced this Wednesday, May 11, the removal of the requirement to wear a mask at airports and at flights in the EU, as of next Monday. “From next week, masks will no longer be mandatory for air travel,” said EASA’s managing director. Patrick Guy.

“An update to the General Aviation Health Care Protocol takes into account the latest developments in the epidemic, especially its levels. Vaccine And d ‘Naturally derived immunityAnd deregulation in developing European countries. ” Report Joint EASA andECTC.

The new recommendations on wearing a mask are expected to take effect May 16, 2022. However, there may be rules Depending on the airline, Beyond this date. For example, wearing a mask on public transportation should continue to encourage flights to or from flights where it is still needed.

Although many states do not require you to submit data through the Passenger Location Form, airlines do have to keep their data collection systems on hold so they can make this information available to the authorities. Public health If necessary.

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