Unconsolidated penalty kick: Controversial play in River Plate's victory over Banfield

* Punishment for which River has not been charged

For this part of the game, when the second half averaged already, River Plate was imposed on Banfield minimally but also struggled in his area before some of the homeowner’s advances. The controversial maneuvering within the zone would have allowed him to adopt a bit of calm in the face of a tense playing process with a completely open score.

What happened was like a hero archer exercises Facundo Altamirano NS defender of millionaire Felipe Peña Beafor After the corner that he executed Agustin Pallavicino from the left. The ball found the player’s head and the goalkeeper was late. punches his opponent in the head.

The 20-year-old, who played his fifth official game in River’s first game, was lying on the ground for a few moments as the clock indicated more than 21 minutes of play in the second half, but Referee Yael Falcon Peres did not address this maneuver. Judge’s mistake.

The action suggested by Archer in The dispute showed a lack of distance, and instead of competing for the ball, the hit on the River player and due to the force applied should be considered a foul number.. So Perez should be punished, in addition to having Show yellow card to the goalkeeper for his recklessness in fighting for the ball.

The match ended with River winning 1-0 (the singles leader of the tournament) and with him Peña Biáfore is off the field of play when playing overtime in a Florencio Sula Stadium, relinquish his position to Thomas Lycanda. Although no official information was known, the young man withdrew with muscle discomfort.

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