Overwatch: Blizzard revealed the Shanghai Dragons skin - Overwatch 2

With the 2022 season getting closer and closer, Blizzard has officially revealed and released their Champions League team look.Overwatch League 2021. The Shanghai Dragons Thus their fans will have the right to have their own customized little skin.

This year, Sombra is getting a new look and as you can probably expect, it has a design style that is close to the team name. So make way for Sombra in dragon mode. according to Official AnnouncementSombra was selected for To honor the tough performance of best player From Grand Finale Jae-Won “Lip ‘Lee On Champ'” This skin thus combines “elements of Chinese mythology and the futuristic technology of Overwatch”. Of course, the new outfit of the heroine is in the colors of the Shanghai Dragons, which are red, yellow and black.

The skin is named after Zhulong Sombra It is now available for in-game purchase for 200 tokens Observation League. As with these special skins, the latter will only be on sale until 28 Mars. However, it may eventually reappear in specific circumstances at a later date.

And you, what do you think of this skin? Personally, I find it very successful and I’m not saying that because sombra is my hand…

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