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Home delivery platforms are facing a profound change in their economic model.

Having come under attack at the heart of its economic business, Deliveroo opts for a drastic response. The British home delivery platform is planning to leave Spain as staff will soon be employed, can we read in a press release.

“Deliveroo announces today its intention to hold consultations among its employees regarding the discontinuation of its operations in Spain,” the company said.

Remember that as of August 12, the law will require companies that provide services to homes via digital applications to hire all of their employees as employees. And Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz announced that these people “are now employed and will be able to benefit from all the protections” resulting from this law, stressing that Spain was “the first country in the European Union to legalize this issue.”

social protection

These deliverymen, by bike or motorbike, whose number has exploded in recent years, have repeatedly denounced the precariousness of their working conditions in Spain where they (as in France) have the status of self-employed. Works.

“I have said many times that a worker who rides a bike on our streets using an app is not an entrepreneur,” Yolanda Diaz said. From now on, she added, “thousands of workers will be employed and (companies) will contribute to them and they will deserve all the social protection they do not enjoy today.”

The left-wing government relied on Spain’s Supreme Court ruling in September, which acknowledged the existence of a “working relationship” between a delivery man and Spain’s Glovo, after numerous legal disputes between the delivery men and the women. Platforms in recent years in Spain.

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No European country currently has such legislation. Delivery people are self-employed in Italy, UK and France, where JustEat recently announced the hiring of 4,500 delivery men on permanent contracts.


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