ASEM and WhatsApp unite to boost sales through catalogs at El Buen Fin

“This tool will help companies organize their catalog of products and services by categories. Previously, customers who purchased via WhatsApp Business had to search through a list that might be very long, and did not differentiate between types of products and services. Through Groups, the shopping experience is greatly improved This increases the potential for MSMEs to generate sales,” said George Coral, CEO of ASEM.

through “groups”And ASEM will provide a window display for MSMEs to spread their products and services and, with the help of WhatsApp, will provide a better digital shopping experience to their customers.

To do this, ASEM has selected more than 50 companies that actively use WhatsApp Business and have a catalog of products and services.

“We launched an invitation to Mypymes that are part of the ASEM community, and among the factors we consider for choosing companies, we highlight the participation of institutions, wide coverage across the country and, above all, the quality in their products and services,” explains Ana Cecilia Bilbao, Project leader.

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