In Sweden there is a revival of the far right, the Social Democrats towards the opposition -
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After 85 percent of the vote was checked, the center-right quarterback was on top. Christerson, the leader of the moderates, could be the next prime minister thanks to the support of the nationalists in Akesun

With 85 percent of the votes counted, center right Once again in the lead in elections in sweden, winning one seat more than the center left. However, postal votes and those from abroad It will count on Wednesday Thus, with such a short distance, the final result can hold more surprises. Shortly after midnight, 5,790 seats were counted out of 6,578. If these results are confirmed, Ulf Christerson, leader of the moderatesHe will be Sweden’s next prime minister thanks to the support of the far right, which has about 20%.

In the past few hours, the gap with the center-right has widened to 176 seats against 173 for the center-left. The moderate party It will now be the third party in Parliament, but thanks to the support of the nationalist right-wing party Sverigesdemokraterna of 20% and the smaller parties Liberalerna (the Liberals) and Kristdemokraterna (Christian Democrats) Conquer the guide for the next Conservative government. However, it is too early to say a definitive result and it is still possible The incumbent SPD Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson He may continue to rule within a center-left coalition with the support of Centerpartiet (the middlemen), Miljopartiet (the Greens) and Vansterpartiet (the Left Party).

But what comes out of the polls is prosperity far right. As leader of the Sweden Democrats, Jimmy Akesson He has transformed his party from a “pariah” into a heavyweight, his support now indispensable if the right-wing bloc is to rule after Sunday’s election. Sweden’s Democrats have become anti-immigration The second largest party in the country In the legislative vote (20.7%) on 94% of the electoral districts. With his flawlessly combed brown hair, glasses and well-trimmed beard, the casually dressed 43-year-old looks like a regular Swede.

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