Until mid-September, the baby pandas, born in Flor de Cotton and Petit Niege, Pueblo Zoobark in early August, lived in darkness. Now it is the past. The park interacts with two women at this stage of development This is an important moment. Flor de Cotton opened her eyes on the evening of September 21st. Petite Neige, for its part, is very progressive, at the same time, it only opened one eye.

As written Zoo, Two children “Take a step-by-step look at the world around you and get to know Juan Juan (mother) and Liu and Mao who take care of them 24 hours a day.”. They are on time Because pandas usually take 45 days to open their eyes.

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The two girls continue to grow

Gone are the days of just 150 grams of babies at birth. Flour de Cotton now weighs 2,865 kg and Petite Nice 2,887 kg. All signals are green, but the path to autonomy is still long. She should not take the first step for a month. During this time the ability to hear also develops.

To see both children in person, you have to wait Long months. “The twins will be with their mother for a few months” Refers to those responsible. “During this time, they were visible on giant screens at ZooParc thanks to CCTV cameras. They will then be placed in the interior box, where they will be visible to the public. This date is undecided. “.

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