artist's impression of the james webb space telescope in space

NASA has announced that it will release the first full-color images and spectroscopic data from the James Webb Space Telescope on July 12, 2022. The James Webb Space Telescope is built and deployed in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Space Canada. The CSA is the largest and most complex observatory ever launched into space.

Webb went through a six-month preparation period before he began scientific work as his instruments were calibrated to his environment and their mirrors aligned. Once both Webb’s instruments have been calibrated, tested and given the green light by the scientists working on the mission, the first images and spectroscopic observations will be made.

“As we approach the end of the Science Observatory setup, we are on the brink of a very exciting period for discovering our world. The release of the first full-color web images will provide a unique moment for all of us to stop and marvel at the viewpoint,” Eric Smith, Web program scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, said in a press release. which mankind has never seen before.

While the teams have been carefully planning the first full-color images of the space telescope, they are too powerful to predict exactly what the first images will look like. Besides images, Webb will also capture spectroscopy data that will contain detailed optical information that astronomers can read.

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After taking his first pictures, Webb will begin with scientific observations. Various teams advanced through a competitive process to gain time to use the telescope. The first year of observations is what astronomers call the “first cycle” of the telescope. These notes have been carefully planned and scheduled to make the most of Web time.

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Aside from the planned science missions of the James Webb Space Telescope, there is also an opportunity for unexpected and unexpected discoveries. For example, scientists had no knowledge of dark energy when the Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990. Currently, dark energy is one of the most interesting areas of cutting-edge astrophysics and its existence has been confirmed using Hubble observations.


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