A supermarket advertisement in Germany turned into a statement against the far right – video

In Germany, supermarkets are also waging a battle against the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. In recent days, tens of thousands of German citizens took to the streets to protest the progress of the party led by Alice Weidel, especially after plans for the mass deportation of immigrants were revealed. The long wave of protests caused a video from the Edeka store chain to go viral. In the video you can see what supermarket shelves would look like if only German products could be sold. The answer is simple: almost all of them will be empty. In the commercial, we see customers surprised to find that the store is out of stock. Signs placed around the aisles expose the deception: “This shelf shows that without diversity we are poorer.” In fact, the ad dates back six years, but thanks to street demonstrations against the AfD, it has already gone viral. Edika herself reposted it on social media, writing: “More important than ever… We love diversity and fight the right.” Today, as already happened in 2017, the German supermarket giant wanted to clarify its position on what is happening in the country. Many customers seem to appreciate this.

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