At the age of 25 she gave birth to nine twins -

Nine twins, four boys and five girls: one I start recording Who was the heroine of the novel In Morocco, a 25-year-old woman from Mali. They are all fine, according to the Moroccan health authorities, where the new mother is, Halima Cisse, In a clinic from March 30th, after two weeks of hospitalization in Bamako, in the West African country. He was young Placed in the incubator It weighs between 500 grams and a kilogram: she will be kept under control for at least three weeks in the hospital.

After the pregnancy in which she was convinced that she was carrying seven children, the cesarean section shed light on two other children, who survived the ultrasound examinations that were conducted in both Mali and Morocco, the Minister of Health and Hygiene said in a statement. Financial , Fanta Sibi. Then the Minister congratulated the medical teams in Mali and Morocco, whose professionalism is the basis for the happy ending of this pregnancy.

I’m very happy. He told me my wife and children were fine BBC Judge Kader Arabi, after the birth of the twins. The woman’s husband remains in Mali with the couple’s eldest daughter, but says he is there Constant contact with his wife in Morocco And not to fear for the future of the family. God gave us these children. To decide what will happen to them. I am not worried. Everyone call me! I called the financial authorities to cheer. Thanks … He added that the president called me too.

The Previous record It was signed in 2009 when 33-year-old Nadia Suleiman gave birth to her Eight young siblings are in California.

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