Learn about the lunar calendar for June 2022
The full moon in June of this year will bring many surprises that we cannot miss. (Getty Images)

Although many to this day still do not fully understand how the universe around us works, the truth is that every time we look and see how the stars move, we can only realize that The beautiful scenery that forms in the sky is priceless.

And although last May was a real sensation for astronomers, given the number of phenomena that have occurred, what is to come, according to specialists, looks much better.

It happens that the month that begins, June in the event that an ignorant person is still there, will also be full of surprises that one should not miss. And as in Infobae We want you to see them all, we present you the lunar calendar to know the phases of the moon for the next 30 days.

To begin, we must make it clear that the lunar phases depend on the position taken by the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. This is why it changes as time progresses. A visual delight that everyone should enjoy.

In this sense, we must remember it There are 4 lunar phasesThe first and the second are the full moon and the new moon. Full mode is when the entire visible side of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun. New is when this lunar side does not receive any kind of light or is at night.

The other two are the intermediate phases, or crescents, which lie between those listed: first quarter stage (which occurs after the new moon and precedes the full moon); and the last quarter stage Which occurs after the full moon and gives way to the next lunar cycle (new moon again and the sequence repeats).

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Remember that the phases of the moon are not only important for astronomy, they are also important for astrology. According to this “science”, the lunar calendar can be an indicator of changes that can occur in different areas of our life such as love, money, health and work.

This month’s events will be:

First Quarter: Tuesday 7th June.

First Super Moon of the Year: Tuesday, June 14.

Last Quarter: Monday, June 20.

New Moon: Tuesday, June 28.

This June comes with surprises because the phases will give us the supermoon of the year. The day of the appearance of this phenomenon will be next Tuesday the fourteenth, and on this day the moon will appear larger than it usually is. the reason? Because of its proximity to our planet.

The reason we see this phenomenon from Earth is that when the moon falls near rock bottom, the largest and brightest satellite that can be observed. According to the Royal Spanish Academy, perigee is “the point closest to Earth from the orbit of a star or satellite.”

On the other hand, there are almost no differences between a regular full moon and a super moon. That is, to the human eye untrained for these struggles, they are both exactly the same.

And although there are no unified criteria for defining a full moon as a supermoon, it is usually taken into account that when it appears at least 7% larger and 15% brighter than it normally is.

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