Those secret documents about Medjugorje: 'No miraculous cure'

It seems that the secret documents of the Holy See contain important details about what is happening Medjugorje, a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina that was for years a destination for the Mary pilgrimage. Forty years after the alleged first apparitions of the Mother of Christ in that region, Card In question, coined by A A committee The inquisition wrangle certifies that there was noThere is no miraculous cureThe village of the former Yugoslavia continues to make a strong appeal to believers, with estimates of at least 25 million pilgrims who came to Medjugorje over all these years.

Documents containing this conclusion are revealed in the new reporter’s book David Murgia Operation to Medjugorje (Ropetino editions). In fact, the author reviews all the confidential and unpublished reports of the papal commission led by Cardinal Camilo Ruini, who investigated Medjugorje in recent years. In its activity aimed at shedding light on the mystery in question, this investigative body has acquired, as Murgia points out, top-secret reports about alleged miracles, minutes of interrogations and searches conducted in the Bosnian region, medical reports, audio tapes and even “intelligence file“.

After years of working and collecting all sorts of potentially useful items for investigations, the commission proved, as the author notes, that there would be no documented miracles attributed to the Marian apparitions in Medjugorje. Of the ten cases of supposed miraculous healings submitted to the Medical Council of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, we have read in the said book, only five were examined because they were considered reliable; Among these cases, 4 were in fact subjected to in-depth examination because they were considered most likely inexplicable. However, only two cases were finally discussed because they are related and accompanied by serious medical documents. However, NobodyThe committee asserts that it cannot be explained scientifically.

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Murgia, who has been organizing the investigation program on mystical phenomena on Tv2000 for years Investigation within the limits of the forbidden, then presented the statements in his last literary efforts as being exclusively useful for strengthening the critical sense of readers, without any intention of ridiculing those who believe in the Lady of Medjugorje:In my opinion, these documents can be very useful in forming one’s acumen. There are some entirely unpublished excerpts, I repeat, never published, and in horrific ways they can best help believers, as I have done myself, who seek the truth, both those who believe in Medjugorje or not. Just to avoid unnecessary controversy and some witch hunt I decided to remove all existing personal references. We’re not interested in pointing fingers at anyone.”. Among the interesting things contained in the new article is the fact that, according to the author, there are many agencies intelligence They will continue, decades after the appearance of the first seemingly inexplicable phenomena, to dominate what happens in the small country of apparitions.


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