Marjorie D'Souza showed off her full butt in a beach thong

Venezuelan actress and model Marjorie de Souza has a busy schedule full of new professional projects. However, he does not miss the opportunity to enjoy a few days of relaxation when his career permits.

It happened this weekend. Beautiful series actress Heartless Flaunt a relaxing beach weekend amongst the sea waves. But that wasn’t the only thing the actress boasted about. Marjorie was recorded on the beach wearing a voluptuous bikini that revealed her gorgeous butt.

The model was recorded as she walked towards the sea in a black bikini that accentuated her back beauty and petite waist. As she walked, she sank deeper and deeper into the water, then swam a little and came back to face the camera, showing off her huge breasts and other recipes.

“It’s Friday and nothing beats going on vacation. What do you prefer? Beach? Mountain? I love the sea,” de Souza wrote in the video description.

Of course the video did not go beyond a mere visualization. The audiovisual program collects more than 64 thousand “likes” and more than 700 comments. Fans of the sensual actress did not miss the opportunity to comment and praise Marjorie for her beauty.

“Blessed Sa gave me this beautiful Friday”, “Wonderful and wonderful beauty”, “You are beautiful, a true goddess”, “Dreamy Venezuelan mermaid”, “La cuerba”, “A wonderful body that holds you”, “What a kinder woman” , ‘Even the sirens themselves are so beautiful and less delicate ‘, ‘Oh my God, how beautiful you are’were some of the comments left by followers in the post.

Marjorie de Souza

Currently, the Venezuelan actress will be returning to television to play a badass role in the new Telenovela called “El Conde”. In this new production, De Sousa will be part of the cast with Fernando Colunga and Ana Brenda Contreras.

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This will be Marjorie’s return to television after participating in Pasión y Poder in 2016 and canceling her appearance in Malverde: el santo patron


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