100 Thieves skip Dignitas to save first week of 2021 LCS Summer Split

Dignitas was looking for a perfect 3-0 weekend to open the 2021 LCS Summer Split track to play a relatively pivotal match against today’s 100 Thieves. The win would shake League of Legends In possession of the only second-place team, allowing them to stray from the pool of teams that make up the top half of the LCS.

But Dignitas’ chances of an early break in momentum were crushed by 100 Thieves in a convincing 25-minute defeat.

Dignitas’ struggle against 100 Thieves has been well documented throughout the season, and the team remains only one of three teams in the LCS that Dignitas has yet to win against – the other two being Cloud9 and Team Liquid.

Today, those struggles continue. Dignitas were largely outdone by single lanes. The strong 100 Thieves duo of Ssumday and Abbedagge averaged 9/1/19 in today’s game over Gwen and Karma, respectively.

The 100 Thieves will walk away from the first week of the LCS with a salvageable 2-1 record in the weekend after dropping their first game of the Summer Split to Immortals on Friday night. Now, the team moves into a tie for third place alongside Dignitas after today’s result. One should reasonably expect these two teams to develop a rivalry of some sort throughout the summer; Their similar records and results may indicate that they may be competing head-to-head for a playoff later this year.

As far as the 100 Thieves competition goes, Liquid and Cloud9 are currently scoring identical records from 13 to 7, putting 100 Thieves in just half a match in the standings. These two teams play each other later today, and the loser of that match will join 100 Thieves and Dignitas in the LCS group for third.

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