All about Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl

It is one of the most beloved episodes of the Pokémon saga. Released 15 years ago for the Nintendo DS, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are the subject of a remake designed for Switch gamers. CNEWS has been able to find out more ahead of its scheduled release on November 19.

These two versions of the same game have been renamed for Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Pokémon Sparkling Pearl. And fans will be able to find Snow Lands where there are 450 different types of Pokemon’s nest. The new version gives you a kawaï view of the universe (cute in Japanese) with an overhaul of high definition 3D graphics.

During the about thirty minute presentation that CNEWS was entitled to a preview, we were able to discover a number of new features.

Underground world to explore

While the main adventure will take you to explore the surface of Sinoh with its forests, mountains and plains, an epic underground awaits trainers as well. Under the surface, it will be possible to discover new Pokemon, but also treasures that must be brought out by digging with a hammer and an axe. Real game in the game to get valuable rewards.


Redesigned ergonomics

The menus and gameplay are also improved in these two versions. While the Nintendo DS was a console that offered two screens including a touch screen, the Switch brings them together on one, but much larger screen. So the menus have been redesigned in terms of ergonomics to make them more visible, while the mini-games will invite touchscreen use if played nomadically. Note that it is also possible to share with joy cons.


Many additional mini games

Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl also promise to provide moments of relaxation between two monster hunts. Players will be presented with a series of mini-games, the idea being to strengthen the connection between trainers and their Pokémon or give them better abilities and stats. For example, it is possible to prepare good small plates of vegetables and fruits that are picked while you are traveling. A little detour in front of a cauldron will then invite you to compose recipes with different effects.


Another interesting little game is the idea of ​​participating in a beauty contest with your Pokemon. It is then possible to dress up your character, choose a Pokémon to highlight and decorate the Poké Ball with different stickers for prizes. The competition then ends with a small music game where you will have to follow the melodies in rhythm.

Online exchanges and battles

It was one of the greatest novelties of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl on the DS in 2006: the integration of Internet access into the portable mini-console made possible the first online exchanges of Pokémon. More popular today and is possible again in these new versions.

Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Pokémon Sparkling Pearl, Nintendo, November 19 on Switch.

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