Fallout version 76 releases a Halloween update, patch notes revealed

After the arrival preview Fallout 76’s Halloween UpdateBethesda has released the full details of the Spooky Scorched-Fill event. The update is now live after maintenance with different types of enemies and rewards for players to hunt down until the event ends in November. A set of patch notes were released along with the update detailing exactly what has changed so players don’t miss a thing.

As teased before, the highlight of the update is Spooky Scorched’s new enemies. These are always legendary enemies of varying degrees of rarity which means that players are bound to gain at least something useful from their defeat.

Here are the full Halloween update patch notes available at fallout 76 As of Tuesday:

burning scary

  • Spooky Scorched will spawn as 1 star, 2 star or 3 star legends, which means that you will receive a legendary item every time you remove one.
  • You’ll also receive a Spooky Treat Bag, which you can unlock to get some goodies like consumables, ammo, and a chance at some Halloween-themed plans.
  • Finally, you’ll receive a piece of mystery candy that you can eat to receive one of five random buffs, which may include stat boosts, or even nokashin-like effects.
    • Tip: While it might be tempting to gobble up all of your Mystery Candy right away, you might want to save a few so you can take part in this year’s Trick-or-Treating event (more on that below).
  • Please also note that, like Holiday Scorched, Spooky Scorched will not appear within interiors.

trick or treat

  • Visit the Atomic Shop to get your free Spooky Candy Bowl before November 2, build it in your CAMP, and fill it with Mystery Candy for trick-or-treat enjoyment.
    • Get Mystery Candy by looting Spooky Scorched, or buy some with hats from train station vendors all over Appalachia.
    • Tip: Put your Spooky Candy Bowl in a conspicuous place in your CAMP where trick-or-treaters can easily find it.
    • Please also note that Spooky Candy Bowls cannot be placed inside shelters.
  • Your camp will display a pumpkin icon on the map once you add Mystery Candy to your Spooky Candy Bowl, letting other residents know they’re welcome to stop in for a treat.
    • If your candy bowl is empty, the pumpkin icon will stop showing for your CAMP until you refill it.
    • Each trick-or-treat can only take one candy per hour out of your candy bowl, so you don’t have to worry about anyone hitting more than their fair share.
  • Over the next two weeks, you’ll receive daily and weekly candy handing challenges, which you can complete to earn rewards!
    • Daily challenges will give you one of many possible rewards, such as a consumable item, Perk card pack, lunch box, repair kit or some points
    • Weekly candy challenges can award trick-or-treaters with points, rare crafting items, or even Halloween costumes. Complete both weekly challenges and you’ll also get a new popcorn machine for your CAMP!
  • Ditch your favorite costume, grab a few friends, and make room in your bag for lots of candy, because it’s time for trick-or-treat in Wasteland!
    • Open the map to locate the CAMP that has a pumpkin icon, which indicates that the owner currently has a Spooky Candy Bowl stored with Mystery Candy.
  • Every day until November 2, you’ll receive a new daily trick-or-treat challenge at other residents’ camps
    • Like daily candy handing challenges, completing each trick or treat daily will earn you one of many rewards, including consumables, a Perk card pack, lunch box, repair kit or some points
  • Make sure you’re wearing a costume when you take your Mystery Candy from someone else’s Spooky Candy Bowl to ensure you get challenge credit.
    • There are many different outfit options available in the game, such as those that you can find during your adventures, a variety of unstoppable ranking rewards themed Unstoppables from the Season 6 scoreboard, as well as outfits that you can buy from the Atomic Shop.
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