Während Ilkay Gündogan (links) mit Manchester City auf Benfica Lissabon trifft, kommt es für Liverpool-Trainer Jürgen Klopp zum Duell mit Atlético Madrid.

Screening for the first two quarterfinals of the current Champions League season. Two Premier League champions, Manchester City and Liverpool FC, play on Tuesday. Enemies come from Western Europe with Atletico Madrid and Benfica Lisbon and tend to go to the games as outsiders. How are the teams in shape? How important is the best game to be played in England next Sunday? The SportsBUZZER provides an overview.


City of Manchester

As a coach, Pep Cardiola has already won the Champions League twice with FC Barcelona. As a player, the Spanish star coach once managed it with the Catalans. Now 51, he is looking forward to an international title with Manchester City. After three English Championships, four League Cup wins, two Super Cup wins and one Cup win, Cardiola is finally looking forward to victory in the Premier League. Man City has been a favorite of the handle pot for many years. “After the unfortunate defeat in last season’s Champions League final, we know how it feels to be there. We have enough quality to go back there. We have to take that responsibility and try to do it better,” German said. Kundokan is the national player. Man City face crucial games – first Atletico, then first fight with Liverpool FC, then Atletico again. You need the best format to succeed in these games.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid beat Manchester United Manchester United in the 16th round. Also Diego Simeone’s team is in a strong position with six consecutive wins in the league. This makes FC Barcelona the current team with excellent form in Spain. “I hope we can get a good result like we did against United last time in Manchester. The first leg is very important. Man City is one of the strongest teams in the Champions League. But I think we have the quality and strength. We have to face this game,” said Atletico defender Stephen Chavic. Said. With the tactical fox Simeon, the Spaniards want to curb the opponent’s strong attack. This is his first attempt against Man City. The two clubs have never met – who will win the Premier League?

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Benbica Lisbon

No one would expect the team around Julian Weigel to return to the DFB in the next course of the Premier class. But in the end, with the breakthrough against Ajax Amsterdam, the secretive Ajax Amsterdam caught on. Benfica have more respect for the best teams in Lisbon. At the group stage, the Portuguese left FC Barcelona, ​​who were still struggling at the time, but conceded two clear applause against FC Bayern (0: 4, 2: 5). In the league, with Leaders FC twelve points behind Porto and nine points behind city rivals Sporting, there is nothing left in terms of championship and direct Champions League qualification. Since the cushion in the first place in the Europa League is nine points, the whole focus can be placed on the Champions League. After disappointing games in the league against FC Visela (1-1) and most recently FC Prague (2-3), Roger Schmidt’s future squad progress will cause a big stir.

FC Liverpool

One thing should not happen to Liverpool FC: losing focus. This is because Jurgen Klopp’s team must first tackle the task in Lisbon before looking at the Premier League crackers against Manchester City. With the exception of FC Barcelona, ​​there is currently no team with the best performing Reds in the top European leagues. Liverpool recently beat Watford FC 2-0 to win their tenth consecutive league title. In the standings, the Globe team is one point behind Manchester City in 8 games. But Globe and co. They like to cover up the Sunday fight, which may be decisive in the English title fight. “To win more titles, we have to win every game. You can not think a few days in advance,” Joel Mattip said in an interview. Kicker.


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