Gb, Prime Minister nominee Liz Truss wants to scrap taxes on fast food

Suggestion or offer

Farewell to “procedures that tell citizens what to eat.” For conservative number one, afternoon

“host country”

The British use this concept to refer to a type of

Overprotective government

Limits the individual choices of citizens – it’s over. Hence the announcement of the desire to cancel any proposed ban with formulas on the form “Buy the first, the second is free” applied to food products and above all the desire to

Remove existing taxes on food and drink

High in fat, salt or sugar.

‘The British want more’ –

Truss said: “These taxes are gone – so do we still have to discuss whether or not to buy in a ‘two-for-one’ formula? No.

We’ve had enough

. What people want the government to do is provide good roads, good rail services, make sure there’s broadband, ensure cell phone coverage, cut health service queues, help people get an appointment.

Taxes on fast food –

Last summer Britain decided to do so

Encourage healthy eating habits

Countering the excessive consumption of excessively sugary and excessively salty foods as part of a campaign against obesity. The standard is included in

National Food Strategy

a dossier required by the Johnson government and drafted by a committee coordinated by Henry Dimbleby, founder of Lyon, a sustainable and healthy fast food chain.

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