Montreuil: Lamote and Raffin hit Tokyo minimum, Zango's MPM in triple jump

Rénelle Lamote and Melvin Raffin were able to take advantage of the good weather conditions that prevailed in Montreuil on Tuesday. The two players have already made the minimum Tokyo Olympics (July 23 – August 8) and will therefore be present in the Japanese capital in less than two months.

Leading the second lap, Lamotte (27) won over the 800m in 1’58”65, without really worrying. She hasn’t gone very fast since 2016. Her performance has allowed her to make the bottom line at the Tokyo Games, as did young Melvin Raven (22) a few moments later in the triple jump. On Sunday’s disappointing European Tag Team Championship (5 with 16.48m), Teddy Tamgo’s protection was revenge.

After passing 17.14 m (+0.5 m/s) on his first attempt, he dropped to 17.19 m (+0.3 m/s), his personal best outdoors, with just one centimeter his indoor record. However, this was not enough to win the competition which as expected returned to Burkinabé Hughes Fabrice Zango, also winner of 17.67m (+0.2m/s) also achieving on his second attempt, the world’s best performance of the year as a bonus.

Robert Michonne is fourth for his comeback

For her comeback, Melina Robert Michonne found her big rival, two-time Olympic record champion Sandra Berkowitz. Unsurprisingly, the Croatian won the competition with 66.11 metres, Lionez in fourth place with 61.39 metres. “For back to school, it’s okay, Proclaimed Vice Olympic Champion. I wish I could do a little better, but we had to put up with our marks. 61m on the first try was good. Then I tried, but it didn’t work. “

Among the other French performances we can remember Wilfried Happiot’s 400m hurdles win (49”56), 1’45”74 for Benjamin Robert, fourth in the 800m won by polemic Patrick Dubic in 1’44”76 or Mouhamadou Fall’s 10′ 16 at 100 meters (+0.2 m/s), second to four hundred behind Ivorian Arthur Cisse. Personal records for Azedinne Habz (3’35”75), 4th in the 1500m was won by Kenya’s Abel Kipsang (3’33’99) and Laetitia Babetti, 2nd at 13’20 in the 100m hurdles (+0 3m) / s), 27 hundredths behind the Belarusian Elvira Hermann.

At the height of the erasure of the Olympic heptathlon champion, Belgian Navissatu Thiam, 1.89 m, outperforming the French Solène Gicquel (1.86 m). Finally, after the Ivorian Marie-José Ta Lou’s 100m victory (11’06, +0.1m/s), the evening at Jean Delbert Stadium ended with Kenya’s Beatrice Chebet winning over 5000m in 14’52”06.

At this distance, deputy Olympic champion Francine Nyonsaba for the 800m, achieved the Olympic minimum over the 5000m, finishing fourth in 14’54”70. The 28-year-old Burundi is affected by regulations for hyperandrogenic athletes at distances from 400m to mile (1,609m). This regulation, which took effect in 2019, requires her to undergo treatment to lower her testosterone level, a treatment that, like South African Caster Semenya, she refuses to follow and for this reason she climbed 5000 metres.


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