GZSZ-Moritz surprises with an announcement and stuns Jonas

In GZSZ there is a surprising announcement by Moritz. But is the young man really serious? Warning, spoilers will follow!

It’s a ruthless love triangle Moritz currently existing. He had feelings for his longtime friend Louis Which, however, firmly with Myriam together. An unexpected incident at the club shakes up the Thanksgiving ungrateful constellation – does Lewis feel something for Moretz after all? .’s emotional state the girls Ben remains a mystery at the moment and Moritz is dissatisfied. At least he can handle his past relationship Fabio Get distracted and get other ideas. But that’s not how it stays…

In GZSZ, he works not only in front of the camera, but also behind the camera. Our video shows which stars are cracking daily by:

With the stars of GZSZ, a spark ignited in the group

Moretz surprises with an announcement

New Year’s Eve has broken out and Kolle-Kiez is widely celebrated. And also the clique around Moritz, Miriam, jonas Lewis has gathered in Colle Square to welcome the new year. But it doesn’t stop at the four: when Fabio arrives, Moretz announces to his friends that he will now be there more often. “[…] Because we are together now! “He proudly admits. Jonas can’t believe what’s happening to him, he’s the only one who knows Moretz loves Lewis. You can see beforehand what it looks like he’s punishing Moretz in broadcasts on RTL+ Premium.

So what is the supposed new love all about? Does Moretz want to make Louis jealous or eventually curb his love? While Myriam is excited about the new constellation, Lewis’s enthusiasm is limited. Another sign that he has secret feelings for his friend?

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You can already read how things will go in the next reading tip or find out in the coming weeks on RTL, where “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” will be broadcast every Monday through Friday from 7:40pm.

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