FIGARO LIVE – The actor takes the lead role in Laval Collaborator This Tuesday, November 2, in the first part of the evening, on France 3. A guest on “Buzz TV”, he reveals the outlines of this novel that tells the story of the Vichy regime.

At first glance, playing General de Gaulle playing one of the main instigators of cooperation after a few years presents a dangerously large gap. After the great Charles in the 2010 documentary clouds the two of them, Patrick Chesnais slips into Pierre Laval’s skin, marking the TV broadcast of the movie Laval Collaborator, this Tuesday, November 2, in prime time, in France 3.

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In this fantasy, the actor with great talent takes on the role of this man of power at the center of the Vichy regime led by Marshal Petain. “It is exciting for the actor to play a man who was a patriotic bastard, the most hated man in France”He is captivated by the actor who never hesitates to accept this project despite the tensions this chapter has created in the country’s history. Pierre Laval privately created the Forced Labor Service (STO), and suggested that the Germans deport children under 16 during the Parisian tour from Ville de Hive. “His policy was brutal, but the man was not”, weighs Patrick Chesnais, who hopes to accurately show all the intricacies of this historical figure through fiction.

This TV movie has a special resonance with contemporary history. On September 26, Eric Zemmour told CNews and Europe 1:Vichy protected the Jews of France and gave foreign Jews “. The words that sparked controversy and made the association of sons and daughters of Jews deported from France jump. Thanks to Laval CollaboratorPatrick Chesnay tries to separate truth from falsehood. Laval tried to protect the French, including the Jews. It is also a terrible thing because he gave foreign Jews to the Nazis. According to the scenario, there was sometimes a blind will in wanting to protect the French even if it meant sacrificing another part of the population “, explains Patrick Chesnay on Buzz TV (see video above).

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