Delphine Wespiser défonce violemment les chroniqueurs de TPMP : "Quand on a des collègues comme ça..."

Invited on Buzz TV on Thursday, June 30, Delphine Weisbeezer had a chance to speak about her. In particular, her news that is now very crowded. In fact, with her return in the new season of Fort Boyard, the former beauty queen will have her own show.

Delphine Weisbeezer has been criticized for her comments on Marine Le Pen

In recent days, Delphine Weisspizer hasn’t been getting much rest. In the TPMP group, the columnist said she wanted to vote for her Marine Le Pen. “I’d like to have a boss,” she said before she started. But these words earned him so much criticism that they disturbed his daily life.. “It was one of the worst weekends of my life,” she says of her experience.

But it’s not over yet, after this speech Delphine Wespiser was disqualified from the TPMP until the second round. The latter was organized on Sunday 24 April. A few days later, the columnist took the floor again to return to this controversy. This time, it was on the Buzz TV set that the former Miss France wanted to express herself.

The former Miss France in her current position

After talking about her buzzing news, Delphine Weisspizer spoke about her final season of the TPMP. The latter who put the young woman from 30 answer under the spotlight of critics. In fact, things started to go wrong after his remarks about Marine Le Pen. Miss de France 2222 did not get support from her C8 colleagues. An attitude that made the former beauty queen uncomfortable.

Delphine Wespiser had the opportunity to talk about the moment on the set of Buzz TV on Thursday, June 30. During this interview, the columnist did not hesitate to send him a message buddies from TPMP. “When you have colleagues like that, you don’t need enemies,” she said when confronted with this topic. Before adding “I’m kiddingAnd the But only half. But who knows what the girl really felt?

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Delphine returns to controversy in front of Buzz TV group

On the set of Buzz TV, Delphine Wespiser confirms that her friends let her down during her life tortured. “I get them, it was hard, and I was the one to hit the head,” she said. Next, the columnist wanted to know how affected she was during this moment. “Even people who touched me with their fingers may be contaminated with what happened to me,” she continues.

In this event, Delphine Weisspizer continues her interpretations. “Everyone has his own differences, when it comes to another person, during that time you rest, what” are relative. The columnist is clearly not done yet. “So I understand them,” she said in conclusion, “but it’s true that I felt very lonely.” But if this year seems complicated for the former beauty queen, she always stays focused on these matters Upcoming adventures.


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