Jobs and prices today, November 15, 2021

Ready to fly, keys and the art of flying?

It’s Monday and the people of Puebla know it, because it’s time to start the engines with a traditional wrestling job in Puebla Arena.

At the World Wrestling Council (CMLL) arena, a great show with a poster is expected on Monday night that promises to stir up emotions among pankration fans.

For the November 15 post, the Puebla Arena It has a menu that ensures viewers stay on the edge of the seat at the Luchistian temple located at calle 13 oriente 402, in the historic center of Puebla.

Watch the full pass at Puebla Arena on November 15

A star fight in a stunning Australian series

  • Volador JR. , El Cavernario and Ángel de Oro vs. Atlantis Junior, cats and tumblr

Semi-final fight

  • Dark Tiger, Stigma, and Vogaz vs. Magic Plana, Magnus and Roar

Special event at Amazon Mini Relays

  • Marcela and Princesa Sugehit Vs. Bobby and Stephanie Facker

The first battle sequence

  • Seki Ozama and King Jaguar vs. Prayer and the corrupt

Ticket prices and location

Due to the new health regulations established by the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection, the regions Modified and downgraded.

It should be noted that with the new decree there will be no capacity limit, yes, Sanitary measures will be maintained.

  • Numbered Ring – $350
  • General – $200
  • Balcony – $150
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Tickets can be purchased directly at the box office of the Puebla Arena From 2:00 pm, or through

between measurements Food and drinks are prohibitedThe same applies to the presence of minors in the first, second and third rows of the property. In addition to event registration.


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