Quién se va de Exatlón All Star el 3 de abril

Exathlon All Star One of the blue team will be eliminated, the skater will leave today 3 April Doris del Moral.

I entered shortly after the start, as a substitute for Maki Gonzalezwho left due to his health condition.

She was later disqualified from the competition, but an advantage won by the blue team brought her back and she was able to stay longer.

The person eliminated on March 27 is Natalie Gutierrez.

Doris del Moral, Profile

  • 26 years
  • Tabasco.
  • Speed ​​skating.
  • She has a degree in physical education.
  • State Sports Award 2012.
  • National Champion 2015 – 2020.
  • Selected national in various international events.
  • He participated in the first season and in the Exatlón Titanes VS Héroes.

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¿Scam and all-star?

idea Exathlon All Star scam follow on. At least this is indicated by many spoiler accounts, as not only excluded accounts are mentioned.

There are comments suggesting that there are things they are doing from production to benefit the teams, particularly the red teams.

He states, for example, that the objects that circles end with are not of the same weight or size.

According to the spoiler’s Facebook page, athletes are sometimes told to lose things or overburden.

One of those is Matti Alvarez, who allegedly refused to let himself get lost.

Another piece of information, which may be due to a transmission error, is that in some circuits red appears to be less heavy.

However, when Marisol Cortes left and Ernesto left, it was one of the biggest frauds, because the athlete had to leave and a new member entered.

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When does Exatlon All Star 2022 end?

On Sunday, April 24, it will be the final match of this sixth season of Exatlón México, which brought the finalists and winners from other seasons.

One big difference in this version is that men compete against women without discrimination.

Unlike other seasons where there was a double award, one for men and one for women, this time it is a single award.


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