He's just a cute transsexual !: Tim Curry - Deeply smitten, but still there

He’s just a cute transvestite!
Tim Curry- Drawn hard, but still there

When Dr. Frank-N-Furter with suspenders and high heels on “Rocky Horror Picture Show” made Tim Curry’s movie history. But he also starred as the clown Pennywise in “Stephen King’s Es”. After the stroke, things around him calmed down. But he hasn’t retired yet. He is now 75 years old.

Years later, Tim Curry made a rare appearance on camera again last October. In a live performance of “Rocky Horror Show”, his most famous role as crazy scientist Dr. Frank N Furter. The previously weary actor struggled through the script so hard. Carey was partially paralyzed since a stroke in 2012 while in a wheelchair.

Today Carrie is in a wheelchair and is partially paralyzed.

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He wrote “Heartbreaking” under the video. Another commented, “God save Tim Curry.” Although the Brit, who will turn 75 on April 19, has not made much progress as an actor, Curry has a loyal fanbase to this day – not least thanks to Dr. Frank N Furter.

He first played a transsexual on stage in London in 1973. Richard O’Brien’s sexually-charged musical cult was a minor scandal in the early 1970s. This curry emerged as a man wearing suspenders and high heels unheard of at the time.

Just too busy

Two years later he sang “Sweet Transvestite” on the big screen. To date, the actor and singer, born Timothy James Carey in Grappenhall’s village, Cheshire, has appeared in a few television roles. The movie, “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, made him world famous, but it wasn’t the start of a successful Hollywood career.

Perhaps Carrie was too busy to fully immerse himself in the filmmaking industry. The man with the broad, distinctive smile plays regularly in London’s West End and on Broadway in New York. The products he participated in and caused quite a sensation were mostly Poetry, Travisties, The Three Pence Opéra or Christmas Story (“Christmas Carol”) by Charles Dickens. As Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the Broadway version of “Amadeus” was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor.

Second career as a pop musician


He also sang – not only in “Rocky Horror Photo Show”.

(Foto: imago / United Archives)

Moreover, he tried to be a pop musician. As Frank N. Furter, he has shown to a wide audience that he can sing. The soundtrack for “Rocky Horror Picture Show” has sold millions of copies. “I was a soprano kid,” he said in an interview with The New York Times in 1990. “I’ve been singing in church since I was six or seven years old.” As a student, he had considered whether he wanted to be an actor or a singer. Now it is both.

In 1978 Tim Curry released “Read My Lips”, his first of three albums. This was followed by “Fearless” one year later, and I Do The Rock was a minor success. In 1981 his last album “Simplicity” was released. Curry’s music was not commercially successful. However, the singer went on tour with his band at that time. About the “The Best Of Tim Curry” CD he joked, “You can’t call it” Greatest Hits “because there haven’t been any hits.”

Never married and have no children

After the cinematic success of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, Carey, who studied drama at the University of Birmingham, is mainly seen on TV. In 1978, he starred in the short series “William Shakespeare” and made TV movies “Oliver Twist” and “Pursuit of Black Money” in the 1980s. According to his own statements, he had to struggle financially during this time.


In the first film adaptation of “Stephen Kings It,” Carrie, as the clown Pennywise, teaches viewers to fear.

(Photo: Imago Images / Ronald Grant)

He was seen in the cinema in John Huston’s musical “Annie” and the crime comedy “Alle Murder sind Already There”. For “legend” Ridley Scott with Tom Cruise, he donned a demonic costume like the Dark Lord. Fairytale Adventure, now considered a cult movie, failed at the box office in 1985. But Tim Curry was remembered for his stunning costume, even though he was barely recognizable in it. It was similar to the two-part horror movie Stephen Kings S. His appearance as the terrifying clown Pennywise is now legendary.

In the late 1980s he moved to Los Angeles, where he still lives today. Carey has never been married and has no children. Little is known about his private life. “I moved to Los Angeles because they put cameras on you there,” he told the New York Times. “And I want you to do that.”

Online meeting for € 85

It must be worth it. He played other supporting roles in “Kevin – Alone in New York”, “The Three Musketeers” and “The Hunt for Red October”. In 1996 he sang again in “Muppets – Die Schatzinsel”. “It was one of the happiest movie sets I have ever participated in,” said Carrie enthusiastically, who increasingly focused on speaking roles in the 1990s. His well-trained and resonant voice provided countless characters in cartoons, kids’ series, and video games. He also spoke with audiobooks. It’s a wonderful, creative thing, ”said Carey.

After a stroke nine years ago, which marked him so clearly, the Brit is rarely seen in front of the camera. However, he did not withdraw. When “Rocky Horror Picture Show” was re-introduced for TV in 2016, he worked as a narrator. Recently, he often worked as a speaker and also attended film conferences, where he was received with loud applause and delighted fans of the tales.

You can even book an online meeting with Tim Curry for the equivalent of € 85 on an online platform called ‘Fanmio’. You might know me as Dr. “Yes, I’m also available for birthday parties.”

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