Koh Lanta, the legend: Clementine is malicious towards Dennis Brugniart?  Candidate and facilitator explain each other

In Koh Lanta, La Legend, on Tuesday October 12th, Clementine lost her temper against Denis Brugniart due to the tension. A series that shocked viewers, the disqualified candidate and the host wanted to respond to it.

Stress, fatigue, hunger and stress are very common in Koh Lanta. And even more so in the memorial season, baptized”the legendSince the beginning of the adventure, the banished candidates are sent to the island of the exiles, and there they have the possibility of returning to the game on the condition that they win the trials of the arena. ‘Ambassadors’ episode this Tuesday, October 12, Ugo, Clemence and Clementine clashed for the last battle. It was a classic Koh Lanta : Dominoes. A game that requires patience, but also skill. Because the dominoes fall regularly, because they are in an unstable state of equilibrium.

After several failures, Ugo successfully won the test and was thus eligible to join the rest of the adventurers in Koh Lanta, the legend. The final duel took place between Clémence Castel and Clémentine. And the latter lost, having become angry with Denis Bruniart because of a domino that fell before the others. “Oh no, why did I drop that idiot in there? I’ve signed before“The adventurer’s fury.”It has happened before, because …‘ the host began, before the candidate cut him off.for what ?She replied annoyed. “Because he was probably in a bad position, in an uneasy equilibrium. You can only blame yourself‘, Hortense’s husband finished.

“make me laugh”

A sequence that clearly got netizens interacting, and which Clementine and Denis Bruniart were keen to provide in detail. On the occasion of a live broadcast on Instagram on Wednesday, October 13, Habiba Jerome spoke about this moment that she easily considers “controversy“… a topic that was quickly swept away by his interlocutor with the back of his hand.”I know you by heart. Me, this amuses me‘ replied Dennis Bruniart.What you don’t see on TV is that you’re laughing at that moment. I also laugh because I tell myself that it hasn’t changed, The girl answers one by one to Denis BruniartStill enjoying that memory, Clementine added.

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And in the eyes of the host, there is not enough to make a lot of it. “But I understand you, there is pressureDennis Bruniart confirms. dreaming of coming back You want to get adventurous again and then answer me, but that made me laugh!“On the other hand, the presenter is far from giving up when some adventurers are too violent towards him.”I won’t give names, but every now and then When an adventurer talks to me and he’s a little upset, I can put him back right away And not necessarily on TV. Don’t worry, I’m doing my part‘, Argued Denis Brogniart. This should put the viewers at ease!


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