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– Pressure is mounting in France to force all caregivers to be vaccinated against Covit-19. Faced with fears of a new epidemic wave at the start of the school year, the government is working to draft a bill that would make it mandatory for caregivers to have a minimum immunization, with the possibility of extending this obligation to other industries.

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8:05 p.m. The Senate recommends compulsory vaccination for 24-59 year olds

The Prime Minister announced the launch of a consultation on compulsory vaccination, especially for caregivers. The senators responsible for the strategy to combat Govt-19 want to go further. They recommend mandatory vaccination, first and foremost. “ Intermediate age groups (24-59 years) », Look out for our colleagues General Senate.

7:47. Tokyo Olympics: Japanese PM warns of closed session

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suka has warned that the Tokyo Olympics could be held behind closed doors, and Japanese officials are concerned about the rising number of Govt-19 cases in the capital. “We will prioritize the safety and security of the Japanese people.“, Mr. Suka underlined on Thursday evening.

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6:56 p.m. Three of the four nursing homes were affected by Govt-19 in 2020

Three-quarters of the 7,500 nursing homes in France (excluding Martinique, Guyana and Mayotte) had at least one resident by 2020, and one in five companies experienced a critical episode of the epidemic, resulting in numerous deaths, the study of trees indicates Friday. According to the study, 72.3% of nursing homes in France will be affected by Govit-19 by 2020, with 20% reported, according to reports from organizations on the platform set up by the Public Health France. “Important chapter, in which at least 10 residents or 10% of residents died“Of the approximately 600,000 people living in nursing homes, 38% were totally affected and 5% died, or 29,300 deaths were reported after being transferred to an institution or hospital. In addition, three out of ten companies (34.4%) contaminated several episodes by 2020.

6:14. Cases on the rise again in Europe

The European Branch of the World Health Organization (WHO) said the number of COVID-19 cases has risen, although many European countries have seen the end of the tunnel and appear to have gradually increased their health measures. Increased by 10% last week In this region. This “Due to increased fever, travel, meetings and relaxation of social restrictionsPortugal is making a reset, with the European Health Pass coming into effect yesterday to facilitate travel in Europe. Curfew order in 45 municipalities, Including Lisbon and Porto.

6 p.m. Vaccination of caregivers against Govt-19: The government is preparing a law

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If health indicators are good, the vaccine is not progressing fast enough to reject the hypothesis of a new epidemic wave at the beginning of the school year linked to the (Indian) origin of the delta variant. What activities are being studied? First, the Prime Minister proposes compulsory vaccination for caregivers.


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