A passenger fell on the runway shortly before take-off

Incredible scenes at Toronto International Airport: A passenger opened the plane's cabin door and made a 6-metre flight, landing on the runway shortly before take-off. Once boarding was completed, the Canadian Airlines Boeing 777 was ready to depart on the 13-hour flight to Dubai, but the man managed to open the door on the other side of the passenger entry area, and he ended up on the asphalt and caused some injuries. The mystery remains why and how he acted this way.

Pictures of the incident spread on social media: emergency vehicles around the plane, the passenger entry finger still attached to the door, the man on the ground surrounded by airport workers. Peel Regional Police said the man was in a “state of crisis.” No charges have yet been brought against him, but the incident has raised concerns about accessibility and opening of exits.

“While boarding flight AC056, Toronto-Dubai, on January 8 – while the plane was at the gate, a passenger who had boarded normally, instead of going to the right seat, opened the The cabin door is on the other side of the plane.”

And again: “The passenger was injured when he fell on the runway while emergency services and authorities were present. The flight, on a Boeing 777 that was supposed to carry 319 passengers, was later delayed and departed later. We can confirm that all our approved boarding and cabin procedures have been followed; We are continuing to investigate the incident.”

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