Recovery Fund, EU ratification target missed by March.  And there is a clash over new taxes to pay 750 billion debts

The actual launch of Recovery fund It turned out to be more complicated than expected. As the end-April deadline approaches for all member countries, when national plans for recovery and resilience must be submitted, the process that must lead to Market fundraising by European Commission It is on the high seas. To complicate it – potentially removing resource access beyond Covid’s restart – just isn’t there Urgent appeal to German Constitutional Court Against certification. at Poland A political problem arose that is not secondary, because one of the ruling National Coalition parties is Unlike Clause on respect for the rule of law It does not intend to vote on the green light for the stimulus package. Not only that: under the radar, a decisive diplomatic battle is taking place in Brussels over the so-called “new special resources”, that is Additional tax returns Which Brussels will need Pay Eurobond It will be issued to finance the next generation of the European Union. Wednesday, head of the body Ursula von der Leyen And budget commissioner Johannes Hahn He will officially present the financing strategy to increase the debt 750 billion it is necessary.

Endorsements in the balance from Germany to Poland – National ratifications are moving, but slowly. In February, von der Leyen, President of the European Parliament David Sassoli e Charles Michel He was leading the Council of the European Union hoping they would all be completed by the end of March, so you can distribute advances to June. This goal was stark Missed: They have so far believed 17 out of 27 countries. So far the goal has been moved to the end of the second quarter. But Germany adheres to the decisions of the judges in Karlsruhe, in Hungary e Holland There is still strong resistance and in Poland a majority right-wing government supports the government Matthews Murawiecki At risk precisely at this point. One of the three allies, United Poland, stopped the road by announcing its rejection.Common debt e Federalism From the European Union, “the deputy minister explained Michel Wojcick. Voices of dissent may be needed for the green light. Minister of Finance on Sunday Tadeusz Kosinski Pages forced to resume liability Financial times“It will be one,” warning Suicide move Voting against “because” we will not be able to find such funds outside the European Union. Especially at this price. ”However, Kucinski himself spared criticism of the Brussels approach demanding commitments on long-term projects – such as reforming the justice system – unrelated to the immediate resumption of consumption:“ They demand reforms, we want people to return to Spent The economy is beginning to transform again. ”

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The battle for special resources Even assuming all the ratifications are successful in the next two months, the problems to be resolved will not be resolved. to me Financial timesThat gathered the voices of some diplomats stationed in Brussels, is still very powerful Divisions Among member countries on the basis of the benefits of those additional “special resources” that the Commission will need to pay off the issued debt. A case in point: the private resources are the financial revenues of the European Executive that are independent of the budgetary contributions made by individual countries Share of value-added tax That was transferred to the union. The agreement reached at the end of 2020 by Parliament and the Council provides for the introduction of new taxes sufficient to repay the 750 billion that will be borrowed and the benefits associated with it. Fees are determined taking into account the Authority’s priorities, starting from Fighting climate change.

One entry is already planned this year European plastic tax on non-recycled packaging. Then by June system Shares for carbon dioxide emissions (Ets) And the Proposals for one Ala Frontera Carbon Tax it’s a Digital tax It will be introduced by January 2023. But now that time is running out, the usual national resistance is emerging. Countries are still dependent on Carbonate They impede the expansion and strengthening of the ETS system and the finance ministers of “various countries,” according to him FootAnd demanded the Commission not to proceed with the digital tax path so as not to interfere with it The level of negotiations Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development On taxation of multinational corporations. “There are all kinds of difficulties,” the British newspaper quoted a diplomat as saying. “There will be no solution anytime soon.”

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