Marvin Ducksch (großes Bild) traf bei seinem Debüt für Werder Bremen doppelt - unter anderem versenkte er einen Elfmeter. Florent Muslija (eingeklinkt) hingegen, der für Hannover 96 in Darmstadt zum Strafstoß antrat und damit Nachfolger von Ducksch wurde, scheiterte. 

Penalty for 96 at Darmstadt – one thing for Marvin Dux. But oh, it was sold to Bremen three days ago. Alternatively, Florent Muslija picked up the ball and no one wanted to stop him. Everyone may have been happy because he was brave. Muslija shot halfway to the left corner of the goalkeeper. Marcel Zuhe fished the ball with his hands. It would have won in a 1: 2 combination.


The next day, 96 showed a cross-comparison of what ran ுவதற்கு 3.2 million to convert to Weser. Werder will receive a penalty in the game against Hansa Rostock. Dux took the ball as a matter on his first trip and shot an unbearable height in the left goalie corner – 1-0 lead (39th).

Marvin Dux: His life in films.

Marvin Dux, now 25, began his football career at PSV Fortune Dortmund 58 at the age of four and was coached by his father. In 2002 he joined the youth team in Dortmund, Borussia, and then he completely overcame it.


Dux’s biggest advantage over Werder

He later revealed to Sky: “Before the game, you asked me what the fines were. Then I said: I will take the ball. The boys wanted to hear it.

Then, at 27, he became 2-0 (53rd). With that, Dux decided the game. Nikolai Rob increased to 3-0 at the stop. Events in Bremen can be summarized as follows: Ducks’ dream introduction introduces the new darling Werder to success. The striker felt “mega”. “We cut everything. We wanted to give the audience something again. I think it’s a win.” He played between 2017 and 2018 under coach Marcus Anfang at Keel. “These are somewhat similar processes.”

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13 goals are still missing from the promise

The video merged with the underworld, with referee Ducks refusing to admit Wembley goal. The ball did not hit the crossbar at full size behind the line. Dux missed another great opportunity. He came close to promising to score 15 goals. He now has only 13 wins to his name.

Compared to the Hansa, it is only 3: 3 for the Ducks. At 96, the striker lost 3-0 in his own game against Rostock. He appeared much less determined and motivated than on Sunday.


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