Schalke: Jalasar's insane 60-meter goal against Nuremberg in the video

FC Schalke 04 ends the advertising season with success in Nuremberg. Midfielder Rodrigo Salazar provided the highlight.

It was played for almost 15 minutes in Nuremberg on Sunday Rodrigo Salazar Had a bold idea. The midfielder of FC Schalke04 Taken the most accurate measurement from 59 meters. The ball flew over the confused Nuremberg keeper Carl Glass Within the Web – There should be a good chance to vote for this year’s goal.

At the end of this season, Schalke was able to do something unforgettable. 2: 1 (1: 0) on the 34th match day marked the end of Schalke’s promotion season. Simon Derrod He scored the second goal for the promoted team, winning in Nuremberg and also securing the Division II championship.

Schalke: The big prom party will be held on Monday in Kelsenkirson

To put icing on the cake, you have to defend your place today, ”said the interim coach Mike Pascans, Winning eight of the nine games under his guidance at Sky: “It was a lot of fun with the boys.” Schalke had already returned immediately with a 3-2 win over FC St Paul’s a week ago.

Following the Pitch storm and the dinner a week earlier, Schalke’s official promotion celebrations will take place on Monday (6pm) in front of the arena at Rudy-Azawar-Flatz. On the way back to the Ruhr area, things must continue to be busy – “on the slow train”, as Poskens suspected, “or maybe on a tram”.

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Schalke: Simon Derot captures the goal record

For the fourth time, Simon Derode won the title of highest scorer. The 34-year-old finished the game with his 30th goal (88th) this season. The second division record sniper broke 30 points for the first time in his career. (Fs with cit)

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