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“After a year of infection and the economic crisis, Americans need to know that their government is working for them. As President Biden put it:” Help is coming, “Nancy Pelosi said before the vote.

“If we don’t implement this assistance program, the results could be catastrophic,” he added.

On the contrary, Republicans condemned a Titanic plan that would do nothing but “push money down the drain.”

“But will it help people get back to work?” No, ”said Kevin McCarthy, the Republican minority leader accused.

“Democrats are so ashamed of wasting money unrelated to Govt in this speech that they pass it at midnight,” he continued.

The “inevitable” hike

This is the unknown number of Congressmen who mocked the progress of this massive project on Thursday evening.

Elizabeth McDonough, defender of the Senate’s complex procedures, ruled that the minimum hourly wage increase mentioned in the bill could not be included in the speech.

While some progressives were angry, Joe Biden called for a reversal of the verdict of this “elected member of parliament” and said he “respects” him on Thursday evening. While the federal government is announcing that it is trying to push the minimum wage increase separately, it is currently 25 7.25 per hour.

A path was expected Friday evening by Congress Democrat leaders.

“Achieving a minimum wage of $ 15 is unavoidable in our view for everyone,” Nancy beat Pelosi in the hemisphere, promising to work “actively” there.

Big bosses

The withdrawal of the minimum wage increase would eventually lead to the adoption of the support program, as some moderate Democrats opposed the move.

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However, with its small majority in the Senate and Republican opposition to Biden’s plan, the party must unite to implement the plan.

However, Senator Bernie Sanders and other progressive Democrats are reading an alternative to encourage an increase in minimum revenues: to introduce an amendment that would create tax penalties for large corporations that pay less than the “livelihood minimum” in the broader support program.

But moderate Democrats may oppose it. Even the “Member of Parliament”.

Big American employers facing uncertainty are calling for swift action.

In detail, the Biden program provides billions of dollars to speed up vaccination and deploy trials, but also helps $ 130 billion to reopen schools and high schools despite the epidemic.

4 New aid checks in the amount of 1,400 are expected to be sent to Americans depending on their income level, and the length of the unemployment benefits has been extended to September 30, 2021.


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