In the Horn of Africa, at least 130 people died and hundreds of thousands were displaced after weeks of heavy rain.

People on an improvised bridge to cross the Tana River swollen by floods (AP Photo/Gideon Maundu)

At least 130 people died in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia – in the Horn of Africa region, which occupies the northeastern part of the continent – due to a series of heavy rains that began last October.

In Somalia, the National Disaster Management Agency He said 51 people have died so far, but there is a possibility that the number will rise as many people are missing. Some areas of the country are inaccessible because the water has completely closed roads and bridges: the agency is trying to restore them with rescue boats and helicopters. Almost since the beginning of November 800 thousand People were forced to leave their homes, according to the United Nations refugee agency.

In Kenya, rains killed more than 50 people and displaced about 30,000 people. In Ethiopia, about 30 people died, including some children.

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