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Pascal loves cinema from “Vertigo” to “Daniel the Magician”. However, he had an allergic reaction to the fear of jumping, the swish of popcorn, and the misconception that “Joker” could have been a success.

“The Sinner” is one of the most exciting series in the Netflix catalog. Season 4 finally begins today and another big secret must be revealed…


The first season of “The Sinner” was a real success in 2017 and managed to inspire fans of thrillers and mystery all over the world. The series now has four seasons and shines all the time with a dense atmosphere, strong cast, and clever scripts. High Tension doesn’t want to end with the new season either, which is available as a Netflix subscription starting today.

All eight episodes of Season 4 are now available on the streaming service And to show again that the classic “whodunit” principle has long been working in reverse. In The Sinner, it’s mostly not about finding the culprit, but rather clarifying the motives behind his actions.

This is what ‘The Sinner’ season 4 is all about

After the events of Season 3, Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) retires. A retired police officer, he travels to Hanover Island in northern Mainz with his partner Sonia (Jessica Hecht). However, your vacation will end completely differently than you initially expected.

A terrible tragedy occurs near Ambrose’s vacation place. The daughter of Percy Muldoon (Alice Kremlerberg from Orange Is the New Black) falls victim to a horrific crime and Harry is unceremoniously drawn into the ongoing investigation. Harry soon suspects that behind the obvious clues lies a much dirtier mystery…

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