Repeat and broadcast on TV and stream after 8/30/21

The Biggest Loser – Family Power Couples is running on Saturday 1. Here you can read all the information about live TV and broadcast. Where is the repetition?

The biggest loser – Family Power Couples “is the new show of the weight loss program” The Biggest Loser “. The difference from the original program: the candidates do not compete individually, but as a duo. Loudly Saturday 1 Each duo consists of a parent and a son or daughter. Points you’ve lost are added up, so only duos can advance together. A prize money of 50,000 euros awaits the winners. Here in this article you will find all the information about broadcasting “The Biggest Loser – Couples with Family Power”. Can entire episodes also be considered as repetition on TV? Read the answer here.

“The Biggest Loser – Family Power Couples” 2021: Live on TV and Broadcast

Shows a total of six episodes of “The Biggest Loser – Family Power Couples” Saturday 1. Since its inception on August 30, it can be seen on TV every Monday from 8.15pm.

If you don’t have a TV or would prefer to stream “The Biggest Loser – Family Power Couples,” there are two options. Saturday 1 It shows its programs at the same time as the TV broadcast with broadcast provider Joyn. The original can be streamed there for free – even in older seasons. The “Biggest Loser – Teens” spin-off can also be watched on Joyn with a total of six episodes. If you want to watch a weight loss show without ads, you can consider Joyn+. According to the provider, the first month is free, after which a monthly amount of 6.99 euros is deducted.

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Another option is .’s website Saturday 1. There are trailers for new episodes, highlights from already aired episodes and specials.

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Watch “The Biggest Loser – Family Power Couples” 2021 as an iteration on broadcast and TV?

If you missed an episode of “The Biggest Loser – Family Power Couples,” you can use the options above to watch the show as a replay in the stream. The episode usually lasts about 88 minutes and while ads can be seen in the meantime, ad breaks are noticeably shorter when broadcasting on stream than when broadcasting on TV. (The)


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