Sarafina's unfulfilled desire to have children: Mama Sylvia suffered a lot

The past few years have not only been difficult for Sarafina Woolney (26 years old) and her husband Peter (28 years old)! For a long time, the couple wanted children together. In order to finally be able to hold their baby in their arms, the two members of the extended TV family visited a fertility clinic – but they also had to endure some setbacks. Also for mother Sylvia Woolney (56) a difficult stage, as she has now revealed in front of the camera!

“They’ve been through a lot in the past. Always these disappointments,” he looked Silvia In the new episodes, Die Wollnys goes back to the time of the couple. Then the head of the extended family cries: “Seeing my baby crying and suffering was really hard for me as a mother.” However, her daughter was brave and was there even when things were bought to carry her two sisters Calanta (20) and Silvana (29).

Then came the great surprise of all of us – Sarafina Peter is pregnant and they have twins. This was lucky for the whole family.”I remembered Silvia return. Meanwhile, their grandsons Emory and Casey saw the light of day and could hardly be more lively.

“The Wollnys – A Terribly Big Family” from September 6 always on Mondays at 8:15pm in double episodes on RTLZWEI and then on TVNOW.

Sylvia Woolney with her daughter Sarafina
Silvia and Serafina Woolney

Instagram / sarafina_wollny

Sarafina and Peter Woolney, TV personalities


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