Comment désarmer Monty dans Five Nights at Freddy

Call me a negative Nancy, but I feel that making a carnivore cartoon is just a problem. You do something with a mouth big enough that a stupid kid can put their head in it, and someone will lose their nose. It was literally a plot point in the first Five nights at Freddy’s‘s. To make sure no one else gets a bite of them, here’s how to disarm Monty Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach.

Montgomery Gator, known simply as Monty, is one of the Glamrock animators lurking in Gregory’s Pizzaplex. Usually the best course of action is to avoid it, but it turns out that the back rooms at Pizzaplex are full of sturdy chain-link doors, and the only ones strong enough to get through is Monty, thanks to his great sound. . If you want to go through these doors on your own, you’ll have to upgrade Freddy with these claws, and in order to get them, you’ll have to… release Monty from them.

Commentary by désarmer Monty dans Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

To downgrade Monty in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

  1. Solve the Mazercise puzzle to get into the beams of Gator Golf
  2. Use the ball guns around the rafters to fill the big bucket
  3. When the bucket is full, press the button to empty the balls into the monty

Before you can fight Monty, you’ll need to move a few things. You’ll need to get a Party Pass in the Chica Room which will give you access to Monty’s Gator Golf. You will then need to find the Security Room located in the fairways behind the Gator Golf Shop to get the Safety Badge, Faz Shot, and most importantly, the Mazercise Ticket.

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You’ll have to solve the Mazercise puzzle (which we only have a clue here) to get to the tiny aerator shaft. Enter the well and at the exit you will find yourself in the rafters of Gator Golf. Use the megaphone on your right to fire the lighted switch in the distance, which will activate the buggies and make way for the rest of the rafters. Stand on the rafters and Monty will announce his presence.

There are more beadlocks scattered around the rafters, so put them back in one and start filling the big bucket across from the area marked “Hurricane Hole-in-One.” Don’t stay too long at a single bomber; Monty will be hot on your tail and will destroy any ball bearings you have used. Try to get away from Monty, then use stealth to get rid of him; This will give you extra time using explosives.

When the Hurricane Hole-in-One bucket is full, go to it and press the button to the right of it. The bucket will flip, smashing the rafters and dropping Monty hard on the stage, picking him up all the way and leaving you with his claws. It’s okay, I think he no longer needs it.


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