Booba: Kaaris rivalise avec lui avec sa nouvelle Lamborghini jaune ?

Kaaris presents himself with a great luxury car, thus competing with the new purchase of his great enemy Booba and his Mercedes-AMG.

While Booba has just revealed its purchase of the new car, Kaaris is competing with it Beautiful yellow Lamborghini. Will the rapper from Sifran send a signal to his best enemies? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Bubba and Karis keep fighting each other

Last week, Boba rocked the web with revelations his new car. And again, the title performer grain of sand He didn’t do things in half.

He introduced himself A cool yellow Mercedes-AMGWith some black details. Yes, you heard it. Sends too heavy!

in love, Then the Duke’s fans reacted en masse To this unexpected new purchase to say the least. They verified it 100%! It’s hard not to give in to the charm of this racing car.

« It’s a monster!«, Announce a user in the comment area. “Every day you buy yourself a new car or what?” “, Another surprised.

in this way, Thus, Boba confirms his position Head of the French rap game. Very famous rapper from 92 A A way to have fun !

more One of his many enemies He continues to stand up to him… no doubt you’ll understand, hence the dozo! In a duke’s fashion, he’s recently made a name for himself by buying a new car.

Title performer soulful voice Thus reveals Lamborghini sublime in his Instagram story ! No, you are not dreaming.

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To everyone’s surprise, the luxury car is displayed Same colors as B2o. Will K2a try to provoke his opponent? It seems that yes.

In this way, he proves that he is still in the race and that he is capable too To buy big cars. MCE TV tells you more.

The head of the French rap game

Nothing seems to be able to stop Very famous French rapper. At 44, despite the recent announcement of his retirement, Booba is still talking about it.

Seems from somewhere else Very active on social networks They feed on a daily basis. However, netizens did not have enough time to get bored.

Thus they follow the crazy adventures of their idol with the utmost interest in search of new small nuggets. And for once, there are often.

Among the photos are exclusive excerpts from his songs the little moments with his children, Clashes and unpublished ads, the audience has something to do.

On his old Instagram account, the Duke has accumulated Almost 5 million subscribers. He then emerged as the most followed French rapper on the platform.

Yes, I heard! But the latter decided Ban him for his actions. It must be said that he has absolutely no limits.

One thing is for sure then, that Bubba hasn’t finished talking about it. But how will he surprise his fans next time? let you discover His new luxury car !