Marlisa's relationship model

Marlisa makes sure enchanted people keep their jaws down! Curvy model and her friend Fabio test their faith in Temptation Island – especially the muscular man. Of all the candidates participating, the couple from Berlin may have the most unusual relationship model: Fabio is allowed to sleep with other women – as long as it is in a night position. Marlisa tries to get close to single men for this, but meets without understanding!

“He’s allowed to stand for a night with the girls,” Marlisa bluntly accuses. Then the singles act in disbelief – enough reason for Marlisa to go into more detail: “When he goes out to celebrate, he can knock someone down and come home – but he should never have contact with this girl again.” Influencer does not really believe in monopoly: before cheating, his partner wants to allow one-time sexual adventures with other women. However, this detailed explanation does not lead to much understanding. “Marlisa’s relationship is completely meaningless,” says fitness model Eugene Lopez.

Even Marlisa’s show colleagues have nothing to do with this relationship concept. “On the one hand, I think it’s very good to let him know about Marlisa, but on the other hand, it’s nonsense. The relationship is really ruined. “, Reads Sabine Bydins Strict judgment.

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Marlisa and Fabio, “Temptation Island” couple 2021
Enchanting Eugene, Andre, Anthony, Patrick, Momo and Julius
Sabine Bytin, “Temptation Island” – Continent 2021
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