Tesla Will Let You Use Autonomous Driving If You Pay It $199 A Month

Advanced Driving Assistance Program from Tesla “Full autonomous capability”, which, as the name suggests, helps your Elon Musk brand car drive itself, will soon reach more users.

The electric car company just announced that this program can actually be contracted as a monthly subscription like Netflix. Interested users will have to pay $199 per month for the “self-driving” system for as long as they like instead of spending $10,000 up front to contract the software.

The “Full self-driving capability“It was only available as an advanced feature that could be downloaded to your car if you charged your credit card. The option wasn’t very popular as ‘self-driving’ is just a marketing license because it’s necessary to have your hands on the wheel at all times. This fact is even Tesla owner kiss her. Vehicles are not autonomous, even if paid.

Advanced software allows you to park, exit your garage, change lanes, autopilot (straight ahead), activate automatic stop lights and stop at traffic lights. None of these functions make Tesla independent, But they are already working on it.

If you are interested in trying out this advanced software without spending ten thousand dollars, you can now get a trial version for $199. The strategy is set so that the company gets additional income and at the same time helps its customers who own Tesla car and سيارةEquipped with a fully independent driving computer 3.0 or above

Tesla D Elon Musk It is currently stuck on the topic of self-driving. Although we expected at least a million self-driving cars for 2020, today, in the middle of 2021, we only had trials and a number of deaths. In the face of defeat, Elon Musk said:It’s more difficult than we could have imagined.”

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