Convertible Bonds Financing Program with a maximum nominal total amount of EGP 81 million

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( – The fourth quarter positively contributed to the annual activity ofInnelec Multimedia. Overall, the company has benefited from the diversification that started in its product lines. The rise in animation power for non-physical product licenses and accessory sales is particularly notable.

Over the entire 2021-2022 financial year, ending March 31, 2022, Innelec posts annual revenue of €134.4 million, up +7% (€125.6 million in the previous year).

Video game and console activity (54.2% of sales) posted a slight decrease of -4.1%, linked to a shortage of consoles and related games. Accessories activity (27.1% of sales) increased by +7.5%, benefiting from an enrichment of the portfolio and the dynamism of the high-tech accessories segment (+85.4%). The Konix brand owned by Inelec grew +12%. Finally, the licensed derivative products business in the entertainment world (9.8% of sales) continued to generate sustainable growth with +67.5% increase, which contributed to the gradual diversification of the product mix towards higher margin activities.

The sales forecast for the next three years is positive and will be accompanied by a special effort to internationalize sales of accessories products under the Konix brand.

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