McDonald's: Announcing the return of apple sales

It is now official. The volume of apple sales is due to McDonald’s. This popular dessert from the 2000s has many fans in France, who were saddened to withdraw the product.

They’ll be able to take advantage of it from Friday 11 June, but within a rather short period: only three days. As the health situation improves and restaurants (partially) reopen their rooms, the first French fast-food chain wanted to celebrate the occasion by relaunching the famous dessert.

And she announces in her last series of tweets #3JoursEnGrand It publishes support for several short videos (totaling more than 400,000 views). These are close-ups of a creamy lotion with apple slices and a few hints of cinnamon. Experts there will recognize the famous apple pie, or “apple pie,” with its crunchy crust and inner melting and smoking.

If this comeback is announced as ephemeral, it cannot be excluded that success may change the opinion of McDonald’s France.

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